Cooking magazine receives raves

A description by a visitor to The Making of a Restaurant convinced me to try Cook's Illustrated magazine: "It's Popular Mechanics for cooks."

The reviews for the publication are pretty amazing: 20 out of 21 people gave it five stars on Amazon, 21 out of 25 gave it five stars on Epinions, and many of them say things like this:

Cook's Illustrated is not only the best cooking magazine, it is the best magazine I've ever read. If I could only subscribe to one magazine (a frightening thought to this magazineholic!) it would be Cook's. This is a magazine that you will not only read cover-to-cover, but will keep forever.


I've long appreciated Cooks Illustrated as well, though its didactic approach has worn a bit thin on me. Sometimes the complications they insist on just don't seem worth the time. I felt the compilation book, Best Recipes, was worth the $20 or so, however. Who knew there was a better way to cook rice?

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