Ohio weblogger covers Kaptur controversy

Ohio resident Douglas Anders is covering the Marcy Kaptur controversy and how it unfolded in the media on his Salon Blog. There should be no surprise, at this point, that an interested local weblogger is doing a better job covering the story than the Washington Times, Fox News, and other media nabobs.

Anders doesn't believe the controversy will turn into another Trent Lott situation for Kaptur, who represents part of his hometown of Toledo:

She is very strong in union, minority, Catholic, Polish and veteran's households in the county (and in Toledo, with the bulk of the population of her district, that's nearly every household fits into two or more of those categories). If she continues this vigorous defense of herself, she is unlikely to loose (she also opposed the first Gulf War, and she suffered little erosion in her support, even though the war was popular in Toledo).

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