JargonWatch: nitam

A bold attempt to coin new jargon from the Zia weblog:

I use a word I made up 7 or 8 years ago, "nitam", to mean any email message, USENET article, or weblog entry (etymology: net-item, or acronym for "News ITem, Article, or Message"; pronunciation: like "night-um").


Well, it's not like I'm attempting to get that word into popular usage. I just use it in my own HTML and software, in cases where I'm trying to treat each of those kinds of text items in similar ways. See my other ("GIGO") weblog http://tmp.i.am , where I've used the style class "nitam" in there for a year or so.

I'm a fan of people trying to coin new words -- somebody's got to do it, after all. The main point of JargonWatch is to provide a record in case "nitam", "blogstreaming" or one of the others catches on, so we can gather all the etymologists together and throw a party in someone's honor.

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