I don't know much about Lev Navrozov, but his "What My Book Is About and Why I Want to Publish it Online" is one of the most entertaining book proposals I've ever read:

In my book, I describe print book publishing as one of the examples of societal mental regression. If a print publisher had published my book, he or she would have disproved it thereby.

Who is right? I assert that print book publishing is in a state of societal mental regression, while print book publishers may say that I am insane (surely no one else speaks of societal mental regression), and hence my book is not worth publishing.


I implore anyone who has an open mind to find the truth to immediately go to http://www.levnavrozov.com and sign up for his book. The site is self explanitory.

Anyone who emails me I will send them the first seven installments. I am a volunteer for the Center for the Preservation of Western Democracy.

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