Add blank lines to Radio navigator links

Radio UserLand tip: Jenny Levine's navigator links tutorial covers how to add links, mailto links, and HTML to a weblog's list of links.

One she doesn't cover: To include a blank line, add an element with a space as its name:

<item name=" "/>.


I'm using RadioUserland. I read about how to include a blank line. But what if you dont want a blank line or any line in between your list of links on the Navigation bar? It seems to include a line regardless.

I tried your method and it did not work for me. I even added pagename=""/> to yours and that didn't work.
Upon closer examination of Jenny's article I saw how she described adding a hr tag.
And if you look at her images you'll see one that makes a br tag.
That worked great here.

After trying your method I looked at my rendered source code and noticed that it was just blank for your link/object. That I'm sure was your intention but I think the browser sees that as no space required since there is no printed output. It's just ignored?
Seems that way anyhow.

P.S. - In my Navigator prefs bottom box for the optional seperator I have nothing.

I tried this on Manila sites hoping it would work there; it didn't for me. I am looking for just such a trick as well
as a way to put a "heading" in the nav list like this:


Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Any idea on how to do this?

ken tompkins

It took me a while to figure out, but I finally understood what Bob was saying above. To save others the trouble. Here is the code that works to create a space in the navigator links for Radio Userland:

(you take Jenny's code for a line break, and change the hr to br).

I see, your comment box deletes the code. Perhaps this will print. Here is the code for a blank line in Radio Userland. You have to add a less than bracket to the beginning, and a greater than bracket to the end.

item name="<br>" pagename=""/

Nope. it's like a big mystery. That code won't work. Find Jenny's code for a line break and change the hr to br. I've done my best. Roberts you could save everyone the trouble and update the post.

The tip works -- I use it on Workbench. A redesign caused this weblog entry to be displayed incorrectly. I have reformatted it -- take a look and see if that solves the problem.

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