As I dig out from under a backlog of reader mail, it reminds me how much of a grind Web maintenance can be. There are more than 2,000 pages on this site, which has evolved over the past seven years from Notepad-edited HTML to FrontPage Webs to Java servlets/JSP to, today, PHP/MySQL and Radio UserLand.

Though new material is being added through PHP/MySQL Web applications or this Radio UserLand weblog, most of the older files are static HTML documents. I'd like to edit them locally and have the files show up automatically on the server. Writing a weblog spoils you; opening and using Web page editors and FTP clients takes too long.

Radio UserLand's upstreaming feature can handle uploading in the background, mirroring files from a folder in www/ to any destination via FTP. I decided to put this to the test with more than 1,500 pages from my book support sites, which will either save me huge amounts of time or crash and burn, completely destroying the rest of my work week and stomach lining.

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