Audioscrobbler: New Music Recommendation Engine

Audioscrobbler is a new Web service that recommends music based on what you're listening to with WinAMP or XMMS. Song information is submitted via HTTP GET/POST requests, so it ought to be easy to extend the service to support other players.

While I'm writing a book, I'll be feeding Audioscrobbler a lot of one-step-removed elevator music. It'll be interesting to see what the service recommends, since most of the 600 listeners appear to be considerably less mellow. Via Boing Boing.


I tried the site, but keep getting a 403: Forbidden error.

I've started getting those errors also. It looks like either a server crash or a problem with the ISP hosting the site.

I just got an e-mail from the site's publisher:

"As of about 30mins ago, is offline. This is because the company I pay to host my site have suspended my account because of the large amoun of traffic, which was slowing down their webserver for other customers.

"It would seem that the sudden increase in users generated too much traffic for their webserver to handle.

"I will move the site to new servers soon, the website will not be offline for long.. I'll email you again when I know more.

"Please DO NOT reply to the email address this email is from. Please use to contact me."

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