I'm not sure if MerchandiseInfo.Com is a Googlebombing experiment, Amazon affiliate scam, or a 49,700-page hypertext poem about shopping.

I can assure anyone who purchases the CD that they will actually die.

The Zip 250 MB USB/FireWire Drive Kit is perfect for serving everything from corn to corn chips, and ideally complements Maison Blue place settings.

The cobweb forest is haunting, and the single weird sister, all in white spinning in a white tuxedo. That's what the glossy white Hamilton Beach programmable coffeemaker will look like on your countertop.

Susan Yeager calls it "our Collective Consumerist Id" (via James McNally).


If it was a GoogleBomb, it worked, since that's how I found it. How did you find my link to it so fast, though? :)

I've been keeping up with your weblog for a while through the magic of RSS.

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