Alexa has expanded its Web traffic statistics to include graphical traffic comparisons between two sites, such as this disturbing one between the Drudge Report and the Dallas Morning News.

Looking at UserLand sites on Alexa reveals some interesting statistics:

The site you're reading now is the 412,742nd most popular on the Internet.


Maybe if you have the Alexa toolbar installed, you're ranked higher -- I did for a while, which explains the adelaars and caversham manilasites being so high when in fact pretty much no-one links to them!

How many hits do those sites get? I know Alexa is skewed because it only counts toolbar users, but I figured there were enough of those folks that one person's browsing wouldn't make a difference.

They both get about two unique visitors an hour is all, once you exclude the hits caused by posting and by indexers, mostly google searches show up in the referrer logs.

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