Beginning in November 1996, Derek Dahlsad published his Wal-Mart register receipts online and invited feedback, creating one of the more unusual communities on the Web.

Dahlsad was recently freed from this compulsion when his hosting service deleted the site without explanation. Now, those of us who remain curious about his daily purchases can only hope he'll talk about them on his weblog and journal, 1111001111.


You know, I _have_ been tempted to discuss my WalMart purchases on my blog...but I think it's better that I just let the site go. Now, what to do with my WalMart receipts from now on....

Viola! Just 'cuz I read Cadenhead all the time, I figured I may as well update this, since it showed up in my logs...the Receipt Site is back at , in archival format. Not nearly as interesting as the original, but you could still lose days reading at it.

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