Andrew Bayer asks, "if Salon really does blow out all of their cash by the end of the month, what happens to us? Will we get moved to Userland's servers?" Migrating to a new Radio Userland server is easy. You fill out the software's Change Community Server form with the new community's URL and the password you want to use. Radio Userland will upstream your files to the new host. I don't think it will be necessary, but if Salon ever went belly-up, UserLand could offer the original Radio Userland host or another alternative quickly.


Salon Blogs actually *are* on UserLand servers. is, and is

If Salon tanks, as long as the DNS records stay and UserLand doesn't mind continuing the hosting (and I doubt they will, because it'll mean they get to keep on collecting their share of the $40/year license fee), Salon Blogs will still survive.

That probably won't happen. Regardless, UserLand will support the Salon weblogs.

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