Owl Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days, Second Edition

Special Thanks


With much love to the Metcalfes: aunt Pam, uncle Kirby, and cousin Dustin. Pam was like a big sister to me growing up, which makes Dustin like a nephew and Kirby, like, my brother-in-law. (Y'know. Totally.) I still have unresolved issues with Pam for beating me so badly at the Archies boardgame in 1974 that I threw the board across the room instead of making my next move, but as a sign of my personal growth (and improved sportsmanship) 26 years later, I'm ready to agree to a rematch at a neutral site.

-- Rogers


In my eight prior books, I used the acknowledgements to list all the people that I "would like to thank." That phrase makes it sound as if I wanted to thank these people but have been prevented from doing so for some unspecified and possible sinister reason. That isn't the case[md]in these books, Macmillan gives me free rein to give thanks. So, I thank Macmillan, and I thank the people there who contributed so much to the book, including Mark Taber, Scott Meyers, Amy Patton, Mike Henry, Carol Bowers, Sheila Schroeder, Jessica McCarty, and Richard Baldwin, and I also thank agents David and Sherry Rogelberg. Finally, I thank my wife Mary Moewe and my sons, Max and Eli. I'm so thanking grateful to have you as my family I have trouble putting it into words -- which means a lot, because anyone who reads the rest of this 14,000-page book knows I don't normally have trouble putting things into words.

Reader Acknowledgements

I'd also like to thank readers who have sent helpful comments about corrections, typos, and suggested improvements regarding this book and its prior editions. The list includes, but is probably not limited to, the following people: Dave Barton, Patrick Benson, Lawrence Chang, Jim DeVries, Ryan Esposto, Kim Farr, Bruce Franz, Owen Gailar, Rich Getz, Bob Griesemer, Jenny Guriel, Ben Hensley, Jon Hereng, Drew Huber, John R Jackson, Bleu Jaegel, Natalie Kehr, Allyson Logan, Mark Lehner, Stephen Loscialpo, Brad Kaenel, Chris McGuire, Paul Niedenzu, Chip Pursell, Pranay Rajgarhia, Peter Riedlberger, Darrell Roberts, Luke Shulenburger, Mike Tomsic, John Walker, Joseph Walsh, P.C. Whidden, Chen Yan, Kyu Hwang Yeon, and J-F. Zurcher.

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