On the OPML-DEV mailing list, Andrew Houghton confirms that undeclared entity declarations can prevent an XML file from being well-formed. Les Hill has sent me some code that solves this problem for an OPML browser written with Java that uses JDOM. I'll be posting more on it soon when I have time to try it out. He says that to read OPML, it "basically replaces the SAX parser with an almost identical parser that will recognize the XHTML entity set." Ouch. ... read more

I've released version 0.1 of OPML Link Publisher, a Java application that publishes an OPML link directory outline as a bookmarks.html file, which can be automatically loaded by Mozilla or Netscape Navigator and manually imported into Internet Explorer. I wrote the application because a Mozilla crash wiped out my bookmarks and I was tired of having bookmarks in several different browsers and other files. Radio UserLand's outliner can be used to create link directories (other outliners may support the feature as ... read more

Linux Magazine has posted XOM: XML Made Simpler, my article from the March issue about an extremely well-designed new XML processing API for Java developed by Java and XML computer book author Elliotte Rusty Harold. The article was written with XOM version 1.0d8 -- subsequent versions have changed a few things that may affect the example programs. ... read more

In an essay on dynamic languages, Tim Bray ends with an interesting-but-controversial tip for handling Java exceptions that must be declared but can only result in a program shutdown: Catch them and throw a RuntimeException. ... read more

InformIT, a technology reference site created by seven computer publishing imprints, has begun offering weblogs devoted to several topics: .NET, C++, Certification, Flash, Java, Photoshop, SQL Server, and XML. Each weblog has a primary author and additional contributors (I'm one on the Java weblog). They're still new, so some changes may be made. I'd like to see RSS feeds and a less compact, more readable design. ... read more

Linux Magazine has posted my January Java Matters column: an introduction to XML-RPC that demonstrates how to use the protocol with Apache XML-RPC, one of the great open-source Java libraries released by the Apache Project. ... read more

Rafe Colburn is having some trouble with log4j, the Java class library from Apache Jakarta that supports logging. I wrote about log4j last August for Linux Magazine and was impressed with it, though I'm usually too lazy on my own programming to put it into use. ... read more