I'm a big fan of Josh Marshall's political reporting at Talking Points Memo, but he makes a rookie mistake in a reader email he quotes this morning. MB, a regular correspondent on Wall Street matters, offers this bit of advice to Marshall: I know you raised some money from Marc Andreesen. I would bet Marc's fund and Bain Capital have some investor overlap. I'm sure you've already made that call, but I bet that Marc has no love lost for Romney as Marc is truly in the "job creation" business whereas Romney is a ... read more

Open source advocate Eric S. Raymond has been working Sun Microsystems hard for months, trying to persuade the company to make Java open source. Though I favor the idea, I'm concerned for the future of any commercial enterprise that would take business advice from him. When Sun CEO Scott McNealy called Linux a "zero-revenue model" that could help the company's hardware business, Raymond responded in an open letter: ... the casual equation between "open source" and "zero revenue" suggests that on another level ... read more