The results are in for the second half of the Weblogger Beauty Contest. A correspondent who requests anonymity provided these photos of Jon Gales: Gales is, of course, the closely shorn young man whose parents should have sprung for the sports coat when they bought the shirt and tie for his high school graduation. A word of advice from someone who made this mistake many times in his youth: A button-down shirt and tie do not meet the minimum standards of "formal attire." Without a jacket, you look like you should ... read more

The results are in for one half of the Weblogger Beauty Contest. Scott Roberts submitted a photo of himself and Alexander Payne enjoying Hooters: Hooter Lovin' Alex Payne is pictured at center, recoiling from the reflective glow of his waitperson's low-cut bodice. Though other pictures were submitted, this one most strongly demonstrates that he is a beautiful person. Note how Payne preserves the dignity of this woman by averting his gaze and leaning into his friend. I think we can all learn something from his ... read more