Why bullfighting sucks: "When I first came to Spain I had this idea that bull fighting was this sort of 'traditional' sport where once a year or so they would kill a bull or two and that it was okay," writes the American weblogger Russell Beattie. "But it's not like that at all."

-- Rogers Cadenhead


bull fighting is one of the cruelest and most abominable things i have ever seen. this "sport" should be banned internationally. it is not even a sport,it is a slaughter. i am disgusted that such a sport could ever exist. it makes me sad to be called a human being.


I had pretty much the same reaction when I first saw bullfighting on TV. I even wrote something very similar to Russell's piece, which I'll one day ressurrect if I ever get round to pulling the data out of my old wiki.


Humans are bastards. It's as simple as that.

Fuck human suffering. They inflice so much misery and atrocities upon absolutely innocent animals that I find it impossible to feel pity or sadness for human tragedy.

Fuck humans. Animal rights and welfare are all that concern me.

Go vegetarian.


C.V., I agree with you five billion percent.

Where the hell is that damned pandemic scientists keep yapping about??? Even if it kills me in the process, I'll at least die knowing the earth has shaken off a good chunk of the parasitic human race.


bull fighting is god damn stupid. Fuck spain killing animals like that!


bull fighting is god damn stupid. Fuck spain killing animals like that!


bull fighting is god damn stupid. Fuck spain killing animals like that!


you cant be all bad about bullfighting its a trational cultural sport and if you knew anything about their culture you wouldnt be so quick to judge. thats what they do, and then the animals meat goes to a butcher, so its just as if the bull would be killed in a factory.


I am not in favour of bull fighting , but the Hunt for the fox certainly is a very humanitarian sport.


Fuck human suffering, and animal suffering. Animals are just as brutal as humans in the wild. They eat each other, rape each other and do everything else that humans do. They are just too dumb to destroy earth like humans do. Thank god the humans have finally destroyed earth once and for all with this global warming. Let the whole earth burn it was a stupid idea to begin with, if it was anyone's idea.





I am Spanish and I and another people of spain hate it. I don't like have the bullfighting like a Spanish simbol.
Bullfighting is torture, isn't art and isn't culture


Fantastic blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.


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