WordPressI recently installed WordPress on this server for a new blog. I've been using homebrew software for years, but I want to see whether I like WordPress enough to switch this blog and others to the platform. I need all of my sites to be usable on mobile devices, a goal that is a long way from being true today. The new blog is far better out of the box on mobile than anything I've created on my own.

In the two weeks I've been running WordPress 4.4.2, I encountered several problems where it could not connect to resources on other Internet sites. I could not install themes or plugins in the web interface because of this error message:

There are no HTTP transports available which can complete the requested request.

I also could not use the Customize page or make the WP to Twitter plugin send messages to Twitter. I could avoid the problem with themes and plugins by installing them on my own, but the Twitter problem had no workaround.

I have PHP configured with Curl, so I didn't expect a problem making HTTP requests to other sites. But WordPress now requires SSL support in Curl. My version of the software lacked SSL. I compile my web server software from source on Linux instead of relying on package managers, so I needed to recompile Curl with SSL support. I thought that would be easy.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, here's what I had to do:

  1. Compile and install OpenSSL.
  2. In directories from which I installed past versions of Curl, run the command make uninstall in each one to remove it from the server.
  3. Recompile Curl with the configuration option --with-ssl, which found OpenSSL.
  4. Recompile PHP with the configuration option --with-curl, which found the new SSL-enabled Curl.
  5. Reboot Apache.

The last thing I figured out was Step 2. Before that, when I compiled PHP it found a version of Curl on my server that did not support SSL and used it by mistake. This made WordPress angry.

WordPress is now mostly happy and can post to Twitter successfully. Customize works, as do themes and plugin downloads.

There are easier solutions if you use a package manager and the right versions of these programs are available. But I've been compiling source code by necessity across my LAMP stack for years. There were features I needed that weren't offered in packages.

I anticipate more posts like this one as I kick the tires on WordPress.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Thanks for sharing the most effective solution regarding the "No HTTP Transports" issue on the WordPress (CMS). I was looking for this and it is helpful for me. I am a junior WordPress developer in a web design company and it`s my personal observation sometimes due to the installation of many WordPress plugins, we usually face this types of issues and solve it after just reinstallations of them.


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To fix this problem you necessitate facilitating curl. Search for php.in PHP arrangement file in Apache index of your LAMP or WAMP package or other tradition installations. Custom essays from theessayhelp.co.uk


Thanks for sharing your experience regarding HTTP transports, this same issue i have been faced 2 years ago, i'm front end developer in one of toronto web design company & i often faced this type of issues that's why http convert into https secure protocol.


As a WordPress developer in a software company I face such issues rather often. My clients want to install lots of plugins, and as a result they face such issues. Usually I recommend them to reintall plugins, and in 93% of cases it helps.
Thanks for sharing! I hope some people will find your article and after reading it they will be able to solve their mistakes on their own.


In case you're seeing this in your Wordpress application, it's a WP_Error to caution you that you don't have the suitable augmentations introduced on your server or neighborhood machine to make an outer HTTP ask. It's normal to see this on nearby server establishments utilizing programming like WAMP or XAMPP that might not have these expansions on as a matter of course. Make my assignment This short post discloses how to empower the cURL extension to resolve the issue.


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I think you probably need to activate the php_curl extension to solve this issue.

Do this to activate the php_curl extension :-

Left click wampmanager ( thats the W icon in the system tray )

wampmanager -> PHP -> PHP Extensions
If the php_curl extension is not ticked then click it and it will activate the extension and restart Apache for you.

It may also be necessary to activate php_openssl in the same way, depending on the theme's requirements. www.proessay.co.uk


Make sure that:

allow_url_fopen = On
Under your PHP Extensions allow php_curl
Restart your Server.

WordPress will try to use several transports to make the request. First it will try curl, then streams, then fsock.

If your server is set up with curl and your version of curl supports SSL (required for using the API), then it will use that.

Next it will try to use streams (fopen). If fopen is set up and working on your server, it is set to applow opening from a URL (allow_url_fopen), and openssl is set up and functional, then it will send the request with streams.

Lastly, if your server has fsockopen set up and usable, and openssl is also set up and functional, then it will use fsockopen to make the request.

If none of those work, then it will be unable to send any. This is all built into the WordPress HTTP API.

If your server can't make the requests, it will be unable to make many other requests as well.

You need to get your host to set up a transport method that WordPress can use. Dissertation Writing Services


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In the two weeks I've been running WordPress.I experienced a few issues where it couldn't associate with assets on other Internet locales.


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