Today's New York Times has an amazing sequence of photos taken by a wedding photographer in Bailu, China, during the May 12 earthquake. Five impeccably dressed Chinese couples were getting their photos taken at an abandoned French missionary church as the disaster struck.

Wedding photo shoot during China's May 12, 2008, earthquake

There are more photos on a Chinese-language media site. Photographer Wang Qiang's caption for one photo, which he posted on his blog: "What is happiness, happiness is safe and sound. Having gone through a life-and-death test, they surely will clasp hands and grow old together."

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Thanks much for the link to the Chinese site. Most msm-outlets either didn't find anything or found themselves too pretty to post it. See here.


That's just incredible. Those pictures are so haunting and surreal. Just imagine the stories these couples will have to tell their children and grandchildren.


At least they will have a great story to tell their one child someday.


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