Today's healthy living tip from Primate Brow Flash:

Matt turned me on to a use for old sippy-cups.

They work perfectly as Neti Pots!

Fill with warm salt water (1/4 teaspoon salt to 1 cup warm water), lean over a sink, tip your head sideways and jam the nozzle of the sippy cup into the higher nostril and pour. You will feel the salt water fill your nasal passages and then it will fall out of your other nostril. It left me with feeling of cleanliness in an entirely new place. ...

Note. If water steadily rises across your vision in one or both eyeballs while doing this, or if more than two cups of water disappears into your nose without any exiting, cease immediately.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


There's also this helpful video on Neti Pot use.


No, it is a coffee enema ... not nose dripping ...


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