Jason Kottke found something unexpected in an Online Journalism Review article about page design that used eye-tracking tests on 255 people. When looking at a photo of baseball player George Brett standing at home plate while batting, men and women had different points of attention. Women focused on the area around Brett's face, while men divided their time between the Hall of Famer's face and his crotch.

I've added eye-tracking capabilities to Workbench to determine if these results are limited to athletic supporters or extend to other photographic subjects.

Look at this photo of Kottke modeling a Defunker T-shirt, then hover your mouse over the image to see real-time eye-tracking data for visitors to this weblog.

Jason Kottke

You people are sick.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Sick, yes. Us? no. ;)


Hil-freaking-arious :)




My name's Yora, Yora Phagg!


You're not supposed to do this kind of thing for 18 more days


They had to use eye-tracking tests to discover this?

I could have told them.


We may be giving Jason too much "credit" in the crotch region.


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