A 1983 Dungeons & Dragons commercial has found its way to YouTube.

Back then, I couldn't watch that commercial without rousing my D&D jones, though it was false advertising to suggest that Jami Gertz might join your gaming group.

But watching it again, I'm reminded of what huge geeks those players were.

A lightning bolt cast by a magic user is five feet wide and 80 feet long in a straight line. Though it does 1d6 of damage per spellcaster level to the red dragon, half if a saving throw vs. spells is made, it also does the same damage to anyone else within the area of effect and can destroy their equipment. The only advantage to such a reckless tactic is that it can reduce your encumbrance.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


I'm hoping you're just tired or something, but there's really no excuse for not replacing "jones" with "balrog."



The only advantage to this reckless tactic is to reduce your encumbrance."

Hey! If it impresses Jamie Gertz who cares if the dwarf gets it?

Plus if you do actually manage to kill the dragon alongside most of the rest of yer party it makes divvying up the treasure a heckuva lot simpler.

DM Spud hated them bitch-fests.

Be Well.


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