Matt Haughey started catching hell from members of a site called Shoutwire who thought he had hacked Fox News to steal traffic for his personal weblog, A Whole Lotta Nothing.

Turns out that loading a Fox News story within a frame, as Shoutwire did, triggers some Javascript code that redirects the visitor to "http://nothing":

if (parent.frames.length > 0) {
  parent.location.href = "http://nothing";

In Mozilla Firefox, trying http://nothing takes users to the top Google result for the word nothing -- Haughey's blog.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


You know what's crazy? I've gotten 5 or 6 more emails from people that ended up at my site from all sorts of other sites that frame Fox's content. One was amusingly from an anti-immigrant site and the person talked about how they were being held back from "the Truth" at foxnews but didn't mind my blog.

Is there a drudgeretort version of foxnews.com that I can forward people to? I'd love to steer people to a foxnews clone with lefty stories that would confuse them.


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