The Jacksonville Barracudas hockey team has been run the last several years by Ron Duguay, the former New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings player. Duguay was a '70s heartthrob who skated without a helmet, relying on big hair to protect his head.

In a story about Duguay stepping down from the team, the Florida Times-Union included a photo of Duguay in his office, where he hung a bare-chested poster of himself showing off Ron Burgundy-like guns and a total eclipse of the hair.

If you'd like Ron in your own office, the poster's up for auction on eBay.

Ron Duguay poster from 1980

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Most men have pictures of half nude women in their workplace. Duguay was always a freak.


i just whon too no what is name of your father becose allen duguay and i think there are on the same famaly


Rogers, it terrifies me that when I went to search for this image, your site came up with it first.


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