Mobile developer Russell Beattie likes the new .mobi top-level domain:

... something what we've been desperately needing in the mobile web: A standard navigation scheme. Now users can guess "" or "" or "" and KNOW that their phone isn't going to barf at them, and the companies will have a standard name to rally around as well. I would imagine that very soon, the handsets themselves will incorporate this, so instead of having to type in .mobi at all, that will be the default navigation scheme like it used to be in browsers for .com.

-- Rogers Cadenhead




Should have just been ".mob"


Damnit! They promised .mobi to the great whales!


I think this si a great idea should be alot better to surf a site made just for mobile devices then taking your chances on a huge download from a .com


I agree with Sterling, but apparently .mob was already reserved by the Gotti family.


TLDs are lame. What's wrong with


Well done! |


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