An e-mail to the Drudge Retort this afternoon revealed that Jeff Weise, the teen who allegedly shot up his Minnesota high school and killed himself Monday, was an active participant on a UFO, conspiracy, and cover-up site called AboveTopSecret.Com.

The posts appear legitimate and are corroborated by several other members who participated in the discussions with Weise, so I posted a news story about the messages.

Because this appears to be the first media report on these messages, I needed something that trumpeted the exclusive, but I didn't want to borrow Matt Drudge's famous siren.

By combining a few images from another alert graphic, I have created the News Alert Banana:

News Alert Banana

-- Rogers Cadenhead


A dancing banana: what a thing to find while listening to Great Shakin' Fever by Billy Hancock on Rockabilly Radio. Especially after 15 hours of sleep in the past four days. Took me a few seconds to realize that the banana and music were only coincidentally on the same beat.

That is a pretty cool graphic though.





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