I have updated Weblog-Pinger, a weblog update notification class library for PHP, to support podcasting.

When a new weblog entry contains an audio enclosure, you can ping Audio.Weblogs.Com, which in turn notifies a lot of services that monitor the site, such as the podcast directory GigaDial.

One gotcha for anyone else working on Audio.Weblogs.Com notification: the site's XML-RPC server is at audiorpc.weblogs.com, not audio.weblogs.com, which I finally discovered when I read the documentation.

Update: Referring to this code as my pinger sounds disturbingly like my twanger.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Reading your update I have a (controllable) urge to hear Chuck Berry's last hit, My Ding-a ling!


My Pod A Ping, My Pod A Ping.

Won't you play with My Pod A Ping!


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