I received around 25 entries in the Movable Type Bible Desktop Edition book giveaway.

Chosen at random from received comments and trackback, the five winners are Elise Bauer, Richard MacManus, Harrison Brace, Christian Crumlish, and Judi Sohn.

I'm also sending one to Hanna for the shameless heart-wrenching tale of hard luck in her contest entry:

I could mention that I'm ridiculously poor, being disabled and a ward of the state. But that would be demeaning, wouldn't it?

I'll be fighting the last-minute Christmas crowds at the post office to mail out these books, dodging surly Floridians with holiday cheer deficiency syndrome who have dug hideous sweaters out from storage for our first (and perhaps last) freeze. Wish me luck.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Very generous of you dude!


If I have by some miracle ended up on the comment site for the "if you are Jesus and you ended up on my Penis" site ...

You make me sick!!! I don't even know why ... I only know that whatever Jesus was, it was clean, and holy, and beautiful. He only meant the best for all of us; yet we mock him with secual overtones. Wen abuse him. We taunt him. We laugh at him. He who only wanted to save us from ourselves.

We all have penises, vagines, breasts, etc. Body parts that can be used and abused. Some large, some small. It is us to us how we use them ... what is it that really matters? OUR MINDS ARE THE INSTRUMENTS OF OUR BEINGS!!! THEY ARE WHO WE ARE!!! BODIES ARE NOTHING ...

What do you choose? Our spirits, or our true selves, or the plastic people we have created ...


Thank you. I really appreciate this. I'll be responding to your email right after this comment.

This is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Thank you so much.




I got the book today. Thank you so much. I'll post a more thorough review on my blog in the next few days. Happy New Year!


I just got the book too. It's beautiful! Very well done and it somehow manages to meet the needs of the very basic to the more advanced all in one book. How'd you do it!?!?

I'll write you an email (when I stop procrastinating with sending emails) and write a more thorough review on my blog and be sending everyone who asks me for help in setting up their blog to you now. :)

Is there a way people can buy the book directly from you so that you get more from the sale? What's the best place I can point people to so that you get the maximum amount of money for your hard work?




Wow! I missed out on the drawing? Could've saved a few bucks, but I'm happy with my purchase that arrived today!

Think I could beg a template or whatever I'd need to get three columns on my blog?

Not a very intuitive piece of software, is it?

Thanks and see you on the high ground!



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