With the help of the Electric Dirt Farmer, I found and resolved an issue that prevented a few webloggers on Buzzword.Com from requesting their account passwords.

Manila users can receive a forgotten password in e-mail by filling out the weblog's login page with an e-mail address and no password. If there's an account at that address, the password will be e-mailed.

Manila sends password reminders and other e-mail from the weblog's E-mail Confirmation Sender setting. To see this sender address, log in to the weblog, click the Prefs link, then click the Confirmation link.

The address should take the form username@domain, as in rcade@example.com. Although you can specify addresses in other forms with many e-mail clients, when receiving outgoing e-mail from Manila, a Windows 2000 server's outgoing SMTP service rejects addresses like these:

  • "John Q. Public <jqp@example.com>"
  • "Jane Q. Public jane@example.com"

Because the problem can lock you out of a Manila weblog if you've lost the password, Manila webloggers ought to make sure it has been set correctly.

-- Rogers Cadenhead

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