YouTube Founders Save Delicious from Doom

Good news: The social bookmarking site Delicious has been saved from Yahoo's wrecking ball. YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have acquired the site for an undisclosed sum. Delicious was founded in 2003 by Joshua Schachter, an entrepreneur I got to know as a contributor to his early group blog Memepool. Delicious is a free service to organize web bookmarks and share them with others. This was briefly a phenomenon before Facebook and Twitter devoured all other forms of link sharing. ... (read more)

Jason Douglas Joins RSS Advisory Board

Jason Douglas, the project lead on the RSS Platform at Yahoo and the cocreator of Channel Definition Format, has joined the RSS Advisory Board. The board now has members from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. If we can find a member from Apple's RSS team, we'll be in an even better position to help the big companies and enterpreneurial companies like FeedBurner and Six Apart work together to promote RSS interop and resolve some incompatibilities between different software that supports syndication. ... (read more)

The Mess in Messaging

In a story about Yahoo's competition with Google, spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten said that Yahoo is committed to interoperability between instant messaging services. She also said Yahoo! was an "active advocate" of allowing users to communicate with people using other instant messaging services -- something Google Talk already offers -- provided users' security was not affected. However, this isn't something Yahoo! offers to customers at the moment. I've been waiting for years to see the big ... (read more)