Running MySQL Without a Password on the Command Line

When you run a webserver there's always things that could be set up better, for reasons of security, reliability or speed. One of my undone tasks for an embarrassingly long time has been to stop backing up MySQL databases by passing along the username and password to a script at the command line. I was regularly using the mysqldump program to make a backup of each database via a script that contained these commands: OF=/home/[username]/backup/$3-$(date +%Y%m%d).gz mysqldump --user=$1 ... (read more)

This Blog Has Been Around for 7,500 Days

As of today, I've been publishing this weblog for 7,500 days. Workbench began on Nov. 7, 1999, on the Blogger platform under the name Referer_Log. The name comes from webserver files that reveal the link someone clicked to reach your site, which could be used to find out what other people were saying about what you wrote. Since I viewed blogs largely as a vehicle for ego gratification it seemed appropriate. The homepage had this kidding-but-not-kidding purpose: "Make People Like Me." Later I ... (read more)

The Joy of MySQL

While deleting some comment spam in the Drudge Retort database, I just had to use the following MySQL query: delete from feedback where author like '%sperm%'; ... (read more)