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Oliver Burkeman's Year in Literature

I've never heard of Oliver Burkeman, but after reading his year-end book review for The Guardian, I'm stalking him on Google. In our conflict-ravaged times, no such list could start with anything other than Bob Woodward's State of War of Denial of Plan of Attack, the third part of his insider analysis of how George Bush invaded Iraq. The first two books, based on weeks of one-to-one interviews with Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, exclusively revealed the inspired and decisive leadership of the ... (read more)

Michael Arrington's Rich Commitment to Journalism

TechCrunch publisher Michael Arrington was recently caught scrubbing an old blog entry to hide a conflict of interest. Arrington wrote Oct. 27 about Maya's Mom, a Web 2.0 startup aimed for the Oprah crowd that received "around $1 million" in funding. When he wrote about the company in April, he told his readers that Maya's Mom founder Ann Crady Kennedy was one of his peeps: Disclosure: Ann is a former colleague and so my opinions may be favorably tinted. This sentence subsequently disappeared, ... (read more)