Why Woodward and Bernstein Didn't Blog

I'm a big fan of Josh Marshall's political reporting at Talking Points Memo, but he makes a rookie mistake in a reader email he quotes this morning. MB, a regular correspondent on Wall Street matters, offers this bit of advice to Marshall: I know you raised some money from Marc Andreesen. I would bet Marc's fund and Bain Capital have some investor overlap. I'm sure you've already made that call, but I bet that Marc has no love lost for Romney as Marc is truly in the "job creation" business ... (read more)

Eric S. Raymond, Bazaar Financial Advisor

Open source advocate Eric S. Raymond has been working Sun Microsystems hard for months, trying to persuade the company to make Java open source. Though I favor the idea, I'm concerned for the future of any commercial enterprise that would take business advice from him. When Sun CEO Scott McNealy called Linux a "zero-revenue model" that could help the company's hardware business, Raymond responded in an open letter: ... the casual equation between "open source" and "zero revenue" suggests ... (read more)