Unbelievable Photos of Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion

I received a forwarded e-mail today with eight alleged photos of the Space Shuttle Columbia exploding in space, under the subject line "SHUTTLE PICTURES - Unbelievable": Quite hard to believe this; these are amazing! Attached are pictures of the Shuttle Explosion from an Israeli Satellite in space. I got these from Gerri Sollenberger from the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. I taught some classes with her when she was the FEMA director for region 5 in Chicago. "Unbelievable" is right. ... (read more)

AP Reporter Fabricates 45 Sources

The Associated Press has issued a huge correction after one of its reporters, Christopher Newton, quoted more than 45 fictitious sources in his stories. Newton was incredibly brazen, making up numerous professors, researchers, and public policy organizations. Some of the sources were placed at real institutions such as the University of Texas, the National Organization for Women, and Consumer Reports magazine, but he wasn't caught for several years. Matt Drudge got away with something similar ... (read more)