Interview with Trade Wars 2002 Developer Gary Martin

Interview with Gary Martin by Gypsy This interview of TradeWars 2000 and 2002 developer Gary Martin was conducted by Gypsy's War Room and is copyright 1997 Crystal Ball Productions. Because the War Room appears to be offline, I'm archiving a copy here. (The War Room): First Thank-you Gary for agreeing to do this interview with me. The visitors of The War Room will no doubt be very happy to hear from you. (Gary Martin): Well I'm glad to do it! Thanks for your patience in waiting for my replies. ... (read more)

TradeWars 2 by Chris Sherrick and John Morris

If you have ever used a bulletin board system, you probably have heard about TradeWars, a multi-player space trading game. The first version of TradeWars was written by Chris Sherrick in the mid-'80s. I interviewed Sherrick for a feature-writing assignment in college, and he told me that the program was written because he couldn't afford to play DecWars, a popular multi-player game on CompuServe and mainframe computers at many universities and colleges. He designed his own game that was similar ... (read more)