The World Already Has Enough Artists?

I maintain a list on Twitter of all Hugo Award-nominated best novel writers who use the service. A lot of cool stuff comes over the relatively low-traffic list, particularly related to science and creativity. At a Connecticut Forum event for high school students, the comics and science fiction writer Neil Gaiman was questioned by a teen who had been discouraged from being a director because there are "enough artists in the world." Gaiman's answer is perfect. ... (read more)

Every Icon: Applet on the Edge of Forever

A few years ago, I bought an artwork by John Simon Jr. that was executed as a Java class. Every Icon is a Java applet programmed to display each possible image that can be drawn in a grid 32 pixels wide and 32 pixels deep. The artwork will take an impossibly long time to complete. Exhausting the possibilities of the first 32-pixel row takes over a year on most computers. Extending that to the second row will take 16 billion years on a PC with a Pentium processor (a few billion less on a Pentium ... (read more)