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Workbench: Programming and publishing news and comment

Programming and publishing news and comment



Release: 0.1 (beta)

Workbench.root is a set of easy-to-use scripts that enhance the functionality of a Radio UserLand weblog. This tool was developed by Rogers Cadenhead, publisher of the Workbench weblog and author of Radio UserLand Kick Start.

This software is copyright 2004 Rogers Cadenhead and is available at no cost. Before using any Radio tool, you should consider turning on nightly backups and learning how to back up your Radio UserLand data.

To install the software, download Workbench.root and save the file in Radio's Tools subfolder. Within a few minutes, you should see a link for Workbench in the Status Center sidebar of your desktop home page and on your Tools page.


If you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports about the software, please contact me.



Copyright 2004 Rogers Cadenhead. Last updated 3/19/2004; 4:18:40 PM.