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Programming and publishing news and comment




This script displays an index of weblog posts for your entire weblog or any category page, as you can see from two pages on my weblog: Workbench post index and Workbench Radio UserLand Tips post index.

To use the script on a Web page or a template such as #homeTemplate.txt, at the spot where the category links should appear, add this macro:


Example output

Weblog posts are displayed as unnumbered lists divided by month, each linking to the post's permalink. If a post has a title, it is used as the title of the link. Otherwise, the post's timestamp is used.

The script also can be called with parameters to define a CSS style for the list headings and list items. The following example designates the heading style as "indexhead" and the item style as "indexitem":

<%Workbench.viewPostIndex("indexhead", "indexitem")%>

If a #renderedFileExtension directive is present on the page (or defined in a #prefs.txt file), that extension will be used on each permalink instead of the default (html).

The script can be called on any text file in Radio's main www folder or a category's folder.

When you installed Workbench.root, the tool created example post index pages that may be suitable for your weblog. Each one is named posts.txt, and you should be able to find them in your www folder and each categories folder that's published as HTML. They are upstreamed to the Web as posts.html, as you can see by checking your Events log.



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