Java in 21 Days (6th Edition) Day 3: Working with Objects

The cover of Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (6th Edition) by Rogers Cadenhead

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Notes and Corrections

  • View the Certification Practice quiz solution
  • Certification answer: Answer (c) is correct. There are two variables named i in the AyeAye class: an instance variable that has an initial value of 40 and a variable defined inside the setMethod() class that has an initial value of 20. The latter is used to set the value of the j variable in the statement j = i + 1.

    Answers (a), (b), and (d) are incorrect.

  • Pages 73-74: The StringChecker application's output does not match the program when it is run. The program's source code has been updated to fix Line 4 and Lines 14-15. Line 4 has a space at the beginning of the string that was removed. Lines 14-15 use "apple" as the string to look for instead of "IBM".

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