Java in 21 Days (6th Edition) Day 11: Arranging Components on a User Interface

The cover of Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (6th Edition) by Rogers Cadenhead

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Notes and Corrections

  • View the Certification Practice quiz solution
  • Certification answer: Answer (b) is correct. Flow layout places each newly added component to the right of the last component.

    Answer (a) is incorrect. Nothing is displayed in the frame.

    Answer (c) is incorrect because the grid layout is set up with one horizontal row and three vertical columns. The three buttons are displayed in one column instead of side-by-side. The constructor GridLayout(1,3) would have been correct.

    Answer (d) is incorrect. Because no compass directions were specified when adding components to a container that used border layout, each component was put on top of the last one. Only the "Gamma" button was visible.

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