Owl Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition

Special Thanks


To my wife M.C. Moewe for the first 18 years of happily ever after. May this book sell considerably better than the first book I dedicated to you back in 1996, Sams Teach Yourself SunSoft Java Workshop in 21 Days. I'm not implying that your dedication had anything to do with the sales performance of that title, but if this book suffers a similar fate, I might have second thoughts about not dedicating it to my mother. But I digress. Someone was looking out for me when I stumbled drunkenly into the love of my life at a three-keg toga bacchanalia at the University of Texas-Arlington in 1987. I will always cherish the first moment when you stared at me through thick beer goggles and decided I wasn't as weird looking as you originally suspected. -- Rogers


To the folks at Sams -- especially Mark Taber, Scott Meyers, John Purdum, and Andy Beaster. No author can produce a book like this on his own, regardless of what my agent told Sams during contract negotiations. Their excellent work will give me plenty to take credit for later on.

To Laura Lewin at the Studio B agency, who worked hard on my behalf in regard to this title and many others.

To my wife, Mary, and my sons, Max, Eli, and Sam. Although our family has not fulfilled my dream of becoming a high-wire trapeze team like the Flying Wallendas, I'm the world's proudest husband in a non-acrobatic family.

Reader Acknowledgements

I'd also like to thank readers who have sent helpful comments about corrections, typos, and suggested improvements to the book. The list includes Brian Converse, Philip B. Copp III, Wallace Edwards, M.B. Ellis, Kevin Foad, Adam Grigsby, Mark Hardy, Kelly Hoke, Donovan Kelorii, Russel Loski, Rob O'Neill, Jason Saredy, Mike Savage, Peter Schrier, Gene Wines, Jim Yates and others who shall remain nameless because they helped me improve the book before I started this list.


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