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the Frog applet

If your Web browser can handle Java applets, there should be an animated frog taking a snack break above this paragraph. The following HTML tags are used to put the applet on this page:

<APPLET CODE="Frog.class" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=60>

As you can see, this applet takes only one parameter, BGCOLOR. This is used to define the background color of the applet, which in this case is the same color as the page itself . Don't worry about the strange value #FFFFFF -- it's just a special code that determines how much red, green, and blue are in the background color.

The Frog applet was created by Karl Hörnell, one of the most innovative Java programmers on the World Wide Web. Hörnell, a Swedish computing student, makes the source code of many Java programs available for use. For more details, visit the Frog site.

Before hopping over there, though, you should continue to the next applet.