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the Puzzle applet

If your Web browser can handle Java applets, there should be a sliding-tile puzzle above this paragraph. The following HTML tags are used to put the applet on this page:

<APPLET CODE="Puzzle.class" CODEBASE="java" WIDTH=173 HEIGHT=222>
<PARAM NAME="img" value="../images/cover12.gif">
<PARAM NAME="rows" value=4>
<PARAM NAME="cols" value=4>
<PARAM NAME="scramble" value=25>

As you can see, this applet takes four parameter. The IMG, ROWS, and COLS parameters determine what is shown and how many tiles it is divided into. The last parameter, SCRAMBLE, determines how many tiles should be moved when the game is initially scrambled.

The Puzzle applet was created by MIT student Christopher Vincent. His site is no longer online, but you can find several slide puzzles like this with source code in Gamelan's Tile Puzzles category.

Before hopping over there, though, you should continue to the next applet.