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SmartMap, an image map and text display applet, superimposes text over an image depending on where the mouse is located. It uses the same COORDS and HREF attributes of the HTML extensions for client-side image maps, and adds a TEXT attribute for a cutline that is displayed atop the image until the mouse is moved out of the cutline's mapping.

In order to display the text, SmartMap uses a new class called Cutline. The Cutline class that takes a line of text and can display it in a box, with the text separated over up to five different lines. The font, font size, and font style all are configurable.

For this demonstration, SmartMap uses a map from The Dargon Project, the longest running fantasy fiction anthology on the Internet.

Click the image below for an example of the applet in action.

Example of SmartMap applet

To use SmartMap on a web page, two class files should be placed on your web site: SmartMap.class and Cutline.class. The image file to display also should be placed on your site. The three files should be placed in the same directory as the web page, or should be placed in a subdirectory listed in the CODEBASE parameter of the APPLET tag. The CODE tag should be "SmartMap.class".

SmartMap has seven or more parameters that can be customized within the APPLET tag, as follows:

The source code and class files of this applet are available.

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