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DOS Basics for Windows Users

Because the Java Developer's Kit requires some MS-DOS skills in order to use it, some Windows users have been thrown for a loop because they don't know DOS. As a longtime DOS user myself, I envy their lack of knowledge in this area. I couldn't forget it after years of corrective medication.

If you don't know DOS at all, here's some tips to make it easier to use the Java Development Kit with the book.

1) Open the C: folder on your system using Windows 95/98 and create a new subfolder in it called Javawork or something else similar that isn't already being used.

2) As you go through the book, store all programs you write in the Javawork folder.

3) When it's time to compile a program, open up an MS-DOS prompt by clicking Start | Programs | MS-DOS Prompt.

4) Go to the Javawork folder (or whatever you named it) by typing the following DOS command:

CD C:\Javawork

CD stands for "Change Directory", and it's the only MS-DOS you need to know in order to go to the folder where your Java programs are stored. Once you're there, you can use the javac, java, and appletviewer tools as they're described in the book.

If that's not enough help for those whose lives are DOS-free, send me e-mail.