Owl Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours

What Readers Are Saying About this Book

Writing a book is largely a solitary profession. You sit at a computer for countless hours, pausing only to devise new stalling tactics to hold off your publisher as long as possible. Finally, you finish the book, a bunch of people look it over, it gets printed, somebody loads it in a truck and another person puts it on a shelf.

At this point, you come along. (Well, I certainly hope you do). The most gratifying point in the process is hearing from people who bought the book, read it, and liked it enough to contact me.

I have received the following comments about this book. The best part is that only one of the correspondents asked for cash in return. The feedback:

  • "Your book is great. I am a 45 year old female. If the British media is to be believed I should not even be able to switch on a computer, never mind learn a programming language. Huh! With the help of your book I am!"
  • "Great book! I laughed out loud many times. And it was extremely helpful. A month ago, I didn't really even know what Java was. Now I spend entire weekends at it."

If you have comments pro or con to make about the book, feel free to send me e-mail.