One of the things I didn't know about TiVo, until it was too late, was the importance of having a compatible cable or satellite box. My original TiVo installation was for a digital cable set-top box. Because the box lacked a serial input port for changing channels, I had to use the infrared blaster (a three-sided cord with two infrared output lights that pretends to be a remote control). This worked without a hitch. When I switched to DirecTV, the installation included a Philips DSX5353 receiver. That box also has ... read more

Add my name to the list of creepy people stalking Apple's Switch celebrities. Janie Porche is so effusively perky in her ad that I googled to see if she's a real human or some kind of test-tube baby cultured in a secret lab at Apple. It appears that Janie is a senior at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, who was on the school's golf team last year, though some of her rounds were not pretty (116!) [Google cache link]. At Trinity in 1999, she was ticketed on a "minor in possession" alcohol charge with nine ... read more