Fox has cancelled Do Not Disturb, according to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly: Sources confirm to me exclusively that the critically savaged sitcom, starring a slumming Jerry O'Connell and Niecy Nash, has been axed after three low-rated episodes. The show's Wednesday time slot will be filled with repeats of 'Til Death, which upgrades the network's 9 to 10 p.m. comedy block from excruciatingly painful to unbearably painful. The first episode of the show was so bad that its creators took the unusual step ... read more

Britain's Hovis Bakery has celebrated its 122nd anniversary with an epic two-minute commercial that spans those years. The ad features 800 extras and cost 15 million pounds (around $27.8 million), according to stories in the Daily Mirror and Liverpool Echo. ... read more

Bad news for my TV Death Pool -- The CW has already ordered a full season of the new 90210: ... if early ratings are any indication, there are plenty of fans—some nostalgic, some too young to know that 90210 had a hipper-than-though predecessor—who will be along for the ride. Nearly 12.7 million viewers caught one -- or both -- airings of the series premiere a few weeks ago, and 90210's Sept. 2 debut became the CW's highest-rated premiere ever among women ages 18 to 34. I watched the first four episodes of ... read more

Because I'm still not over the death of All My Children's Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin Bodine Martin, who died in 2007 after eating poisoned peanut butter pancakes meant for her daughter-in-law, I've been keeping up with the personal weblog where her portrayer Cady McClain journals life after death. McClain has a rep for being fairly opinionated, as you can see from her post yesterday about Sarah Palin: ... I think Sarah Palin is the worst thing to come to politics in a long time. Overly aggressive, blindly ... read more

My friend and fellow boobtube connoisseur Jonathan Bourne has posted his Television Death Pool predictions, split into two parts like a very special episode of Blossom. Here's his list, ordered from most to least likely cancellation: ER (NBC) Life on Mars (ABC) My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) Do Not Disturb (Fox) The Mentalist (CBS) 90210 (CW) Opportunity Knocks (ABC) Knight Rider (NBC) Worst Week Ever (NBC) Gary Unmarried (CBS) I'm kicking myself for not picking Do Not Disturb. I watched the sitcom's pilot last week, ... read more

The Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool, a contest to predict the shows most likely to be cancelled during the new fall TV season, is now underway. Eligible shows are first-run comedies, dramas, news and game shows on ABC, CBS, CW, FOX or NBC. Here's my picks, from most to least likely: ER (NBC) 90210 (CW) Opportunity Knocks (ABC) The Mentalist (CBS) Life On Mars (ABC) Privileged (CW) Eli Stone (ABC) Easy Money (CW) My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) The Ex List (CBS) All the shows I picked are new except for ER, which ... read more

This year's Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool, is now accepting entries through Aug. 31. To compete, you must predict 10 comedies, dramas, games shows or news programs on the five major networks -- ABC, CBS, CW, FOX and NBC -- that will be cancelled by Aug. 31, 2009. After I submitted last year's predictions, my friend Jonathan Bourne sent me a crushing and quite prescient analysis of why my picks were terrible. He began his email, "You haven't a chance, and I'll tell you why," and it went downhill from ... read more