People who have read Workbench for a while are probably wondering whether this has become a political weblog. My site has always emphasized what I'm working on at the moment, and I'm currently developing the LAMP web application that runs the Drudge Retort and serving as an unofficial geek advisor to the Alan Colmes Radio Show. As a consequence, I've been eating, breathing, and sleeping politics for weeks. I may be taking it too far; I dreamed about Michelle Malkin last night, and all we did was argue about her ... read more

The neutrality and factual accuracy of this article on Wikipedia are disputed. The Los Angeles Times gave up its wikitorial experiment after three days. Someone got their goat by adding one of the web's most infamous gross-out photos to the site. Jeff Jarvis defends the honor of wikis, blaming the Times: They didn't get that wikis are a collaborative medium where, even when people disagree, they try to find common ground, knowing there can be only one outcome, or else the wiki will, by its very nature, fail. Look ... read more

I picked a good time to become new best friends with Alan Colmes. He scored an interview with President Clinton that airs this evening on his syndicated radio show, which broadcasts live from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern. I've borrowed Matt Drudge's siren, because I have some advance details about the interview. From excerpts that I wheedled out of a Fox News publicist, they discuss Hillary Clinton's political ambitions, his lingering sentiments about impeachment, and whether he would accept the vice presidential ... read more

Charles Wright in the Sydney Morning Herald: With the number of blogs increasing at a phenomenal rate, more people than ever will find themselves dealing with the market-leading Movable Type. The Movable Type 3 Bible, from Wiley, gives you a thorough grounding in the complexities of a blogging platform that, on the surface, looks relatively easy to master but repays the effort required to learn about its more powerful features. Increasingly, these books are rendered somewhat out of date with the release of new ... read more

Alex Pareene, who describes googlemilking as "thinking of a great setup, and letting the internets provide the punchline," offers this contribution to the game: "and then they all blamed me." The phrase reveals scapegoated sex club workers, abuse survivors, drug addicts, and a Canadian who blogs about flatulence: i guess all this talk of gas has had its effect on me. last night i had two dreams and in each one i 'let one go' while i was around other people and they all blamed me and i denied it. More usefully, it ... read more

I've been exchanging e-mail lately with Alan Colmes (namedrop!), the cohost of Hannity & Colmes and his own nightly radio show. This isn't payola; I'm doing this as an expression of love. As a huge fan of talk radio I've wanted to adopt a liberal show on the Drudge Retort, inspired by Matt Drudge's relentless self-promotion of his Sunday night show. Every night as Colmes airs, the Retort will post live links to upcoming guests and a place to talk about them. I don't know how this experiment will go -- my visitors ... read more

Before I can run Urchin to track web traffic, the Apache script split-logfile creates log files for each virtual domain on my server. A bad request from a webcrawling robot breaks split-logfile: - - [13/Jun/2005:03:50:15 -0400] "GET //retort.shtml HTTP/1.1" 400 323 "" "OmniExplorer_Bot/1.07 (+ Internet Categorizer" The error's in the first field: OmniExplorer_Bot should be requesting the page from the host ... read more