Last June, I published a 23-minute podcast of Juan Cole being interviewed on the Alan Colmes radio show. A Radio UserLand user on Comcast in Monterey, Calif., is apparently a big fan of Cole. His copy of Radio keeps requesting that 5.5-megabyte podcast over and over, as frequently as every 10 seconds. In the last week alone, he's consumed 12.13 gigabytes of my server's bandwidth by downloading the file 2,365 times. I don't know why this is happening -- it could be a bug in Radio UserLand or a UserTalk script run ... read more

Danny Ayers offers an "anything but OPML" rant against the world's most popular outline markup language. He writes: It's worth noting that you can express hierarchies and everything else I've seen suggested for OPML (text outlines, links, images etc) in (X)HTML. I suspect there are more HTML readers/writers than OPML ones! Unless XHTML can be used to express the expansion state of specific items, I don't see how it could be used as an alternative to OPML for outlines. OPML's an odd bird, but I've implemented a ... read more

At first glance, the Java Outline Editor (JOE) looks like a suitable choice for editing OPML link directories and other outlines. The program supports the addition or deletion of any attributes to each outline item, enabling link directories to be created by adding type and url attributes (screenshot). It isn't as easy as using Radio, where you can hit CTRL-K or CMD-K to add a link to any title, but there may be a way to extend the functionality that I haven't found yet. Note: JOE has the same problem with ... read more

On the OPML-DEV mailing list, Andrew Houghton confirms that undeclared entity declarations can prevent an XML file from being well-formed. Les Hill has sent me some code that solves this problem for an OPML browser written with Java that uses JDOM. I'll be posting more on it soon when I have time to try it out. He says that to read OPML, it "basically replaces the SAX parser with an almost identical parser that will recognize the XHTML entity set." Ouch. ... read more

OPML Link Publisher uses XOM, an XML processing library for Java that requires well-formed XML. Because of this, I've run into a problem: Radio and Frontier can author OPML files that contain undeclared entity references, which breaks the well-formedness rule. Based on my rudimentary understanding of this situation, any XML data that does not have a document type declaration (such as OPML) must declare entity references for any entity other than &amp, &apos, &gt, &lt, and &quot. To see an ... read more

I've released version 0.1 of OPML Link Publisher, a Java application that publishes an OPML link directory outline as a bookmarks.html file, which can be automatically loaded by Mozilla or Netscape Navigator and manually imported into Internet Explorer. I wrote the application because a Mozilla crash wiped out my bookmarks and I was tired of having bookmarks in several different browsers and other files. Radio UserLand's outliner can be used to create link directories (other outliners may support the feature as ... read more

UserLand's OPML-to-HTML capabilities are useful, but when Dave Winer describes them as a mindbomb, I can't help but smile. The bomb went off a decade ago and it was called Gopher! ... read more