Manila, the software running Buzzword.Com, stores most weblog content and server data in Frontier's object database, a flexible and powerful database that I covered in Radio UserLand Kick Start. As objects are deleted, Frontier monitors their freed-up blocks so they can be reused, as Matt Neuberg describes in Frontier: The Definitive Guide: ... as the database is used, free space opens up in it, and pointers to the free blocks are added to a list called the "avail list," which must be traversed each time Frontier ... read more

Buzzword.Com may be offline for a few hours during the day Wednesday. I am planning to perform some server maintenance tasks and look for the cause of the software's recent decline to a speed approximating continental drift. ... read more

Buzzword.Com was offline yesterday for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery. Server uptime has been better than expected, considering the number of weblogs and my inexperience hosting a Manila server, but I am finding that UserLand's software runs itself well most of the time. Because I host most of my own Web sites on another server (a Linux box running Apache, MySQL, and PHP), I don't always catch downtime as quickly as I should. If you're publishing a weblog on Buzzword and can't reach it, or you experience ... read more

I'm planning to take Buzzword.Com down for maintenance on Sunday morning. The Manila databases have to be compacted, a process that cleans out deleted data and improves performance, and I'm also working on the Manila customer support board to fix some problems plaguing a few users. ... read more

I'm winning the war on comment spam on Wordzilla, my homebrew weblog software, thanks to PHP code that rejects link-heavy comments and submissions from banned IP addresses. I'm losing on Movable Type and Manila. Both programs are being flooded with spam that has to be hand-deleted, a chore that's miserably time consuming in each. Six Apart enhanced Movable Type's comment-management features in version 3.1, but it can take up to five minutes to delete a group of spam comments on the Drudge Retort, which has 107,000 ... read more

Since adopting 3,000 webloggers from Weblogs.Com last June, I've had a huge amount of trouble tracking site activity on the new Manila server I set up to house these sites. An elusive bug prevented the recent updates page from working correctly. During the Weblogs.Com server outage, the media went nuts over the 3,000-weblog figure, making the story front page news. As I have since discovered, that number was inflated by a bunch of dead sites on the server. I deleted more than 1,200 weblogs this week that were ... read more

The Drudge Retort was hammered yesterday, serving 10 gigabytes of traffic as thousands of people looked for exit polls and early election returns. The unit of measurement for traffic here is Janet Jackson's right breast, the exposure of which maxed out the shared SDSL connection on my old server. For seventeen straight hours, it served 144 kilobytes per second of traffic (1 Janet) to people on a fruitless search for celebrity mammary. Since that time, I have moved to dedicated server hosting with ServerMatrix. ... read more